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Leica DM 750M microscope with Leica MC120-HD camera


Leica DM 750M microscope with Leica MC120-HD camera
Model P/N: DM 750M/5K RH 13 613 110
Serial: A240097386MW0007/09/12
DOM: 2012
Power: 100V - 240V 50/60 Hz
DM 750M
Clear Background  Black background  Turret of objectives *  Reflected light  Light Transmitted  Max sample height
         Yes                               no                      4 or 5                         Yes                   Yes                         30mm
The Leica DM750 M is the ideal microscope for basic materials applications in an Industrial Lab or Material Science course. Its versatile stage and reflected light system work in combination to deliver high quality images of the most demanding specimens.
The mechanical stage can be used for both transmitted and reflected light. It can be equipped with various specimen holders to accommodate mounted specimens of different diameters.
The unique Reflected light LED illuminator provides brightfield, polarized light, and oblique illumination. This allows you to work with many different specimens with the same microscope configuration.
The Leica MC120-HD Camera is a 2 Mega pixel, MP4 Camera in HD


Price: £7995.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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