Akribis Scientific provide a comprehensive clearance service for laboratories of all sizes. From large laboratory complex's to an individual piece of equipment. If you have a laboratory to clear, simply contact us and we will visit your facility and produce a project plan for your consideration.

Even if you have a single piece of equipment that is surplus to requirements, simply e-mail over the make / model and a couple of pictures and we can purchase your equipment and arrange for immediate collection.

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Akribis Scientific tries to refurbish and re-use all of the equipment that we clear. However in a small number of cases some equipment is not suitable for re-use, so we completely strip the equipment down and separate it into metals, glass and plastics ready to be recycled so that nothing goes to landfill.

We take recycling very seriously at Akribis Environmental Solutions, we are very proud of the fact that we do not have a rubbish bin at our facility, everything is either re-used or recycled.


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