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LabPartner, by Novasina
Laboratory device for the expandability of the LabMaster-aw system

Laboratory instrument LabPartner
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Temperature controlled measuring chamber
• Increased measurement speed
• Measurement cell with saved calibration data
• Cost-efficient channel expandability

Measuring instrument Lab Partner-aw
(additional channel to Lab Master-aw)

New developed and high-quality laboratory device for the expandability of the LabMaster-aw system. This cost-efficient solution allows to increase the measurement capacity up to 9 additional channels. The connected LabPartner-aw instrument is managed and operated from the LabMaster-aw. The measuring value can be read off direct on the LabPartner-aw or on the LabMaster-aw display as well.
The highlight of the LabMaster-aw is its unique accuracy. Due to the new developed electrolytic measurement cell with saved calibration data as well as the temperature controlled measuring chamber, the instrument determine aw-values high precision and repeatable. The integrated pre-conditioning chamber improves the measurement speed notable and increases in this was the efficiency of the measurement process.

Application areas:
Food production and quality laboratory, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, chemistry

Measurement range: 0.03 ... 1.00 aw (3...100%rh) in the range of 0...50°C
Repeatability: +/- 0.002 aw (0.2%rh)
Accuracy: +/- 0.003 aw (0.3%rh)

Serial Number: 1107001

PDF Manual

Will require calibration by buyer prior to use

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