Dionex UVD 340U Photodiode Array Detector

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Dionex UVD 340U Photodiode Array Detector
UVD 340U
Model 5071.0000
The UVD 340U is a highperformance photodiode array detector for use with the Dionex Summit™ or any other modular HPLC system. The design of the detector is optimized for maximum sensitivity in the UV range, while maintaining sufficient resolution to distinguish spectra even of closely related compounds. With an average noise level of less than ±5 µAU (dry cell, 254 nm, 8 nm, 1 s), the UVD 340U provides the low detection limits required for reliable quantification of trace-level compounds. The UVD 340U is operated using the CHROMELEON™ Chromatography Management System, which includes spectra library screening, peak purity analysis, multidimensional signal extraction and multiple presentation options.
Software is not included
A selection of optional flow cells makes the UVD 340U the ideal choice for a wide range of application areas, from microbore LC/MS to high flow-rate, semi-preparative HPLC.
Serial 3760601
As per the images we have available a range of Dionex instruments to build a full HPLC system, please see our other listings
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