With full set of the 4 LV Spindles, We can Convert this Instrument to Higher Viscosoty if required

Fully Serviced, and 12 month Calibration Cerificate.

The Brookfield Programmable DV-II+Pro Viscometer measures fluid viscosity at given shear rates.
Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow

The DV-II+Pro offers exceptional versatility in modes of control allowing for traditional
standalone operation, automatic operation through programs downloaded from the PC or with
complete control by PC using Brookfield Rheocalc32 Software.

•The DV-II+Pro can be used as a traditional Brookfield viscometer for collection of single
speed viscosity data through the easy to use keypad; just select the spindle and speed and
read the value from the display.
•The Brookfield DVLoader Software can be used to program the DV-II+Pro to control
all aspects of the test and data collection without the need for the operator to monitor the
instrument; just start the program and return to the printed test data (printer is optional).
•The Brookfield Rheocalc32 Software will perform all control and data collection functions of the DV-II+Pro from the PC while also providing a platform for advanced data collection and analysis.
In any of these modes of control, the DV-II+Pro will provide the best in viscosity measurement
and control.

We can supply the Rheocal Software at an additional £400.00

The principal of operation of the DV-II+Pro is to drive a spindle (which is immersed in the test fluid) through a
calibrated spring. The viscous drag of the fluid against the spindle is measured by the spring deflection. Spring
deflection is measured with a rotary transducer.

The measurement range of a DV-II+Pro (in centipoise or milliPascal seconds) is determined by the
rotational speed of the spindle, the size and shape of the spindle, the container the spindle is
rotating in, and the full scale torque of the calibrated spring.

This unit is equipped with  a selection of cables, temperature probes and spindles, all in original carry case as
per images.

With full set of the 4 LV Spindles.

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