Zymark Twister Universal Plate Handler

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Zymark Twister Universal Plate Handler

With Zymark Software, and PDF Manual

The Zymark Twister Universal Plate Handler Robot offers a simple solution for automating the movement of microplates to and from a microplate reader, washer, or other microplate-processing instrument. With a capacity of 80 microplates, the design of the original Twister makes it ideally suited as a dedicated autoloader to a wide variety of scientific instruments.

The Twister Universal Microplate Handler is a flexible and upgradeable roboticmicroplate loading system. The basic Twister unit is capable of sequentially loading up to20, 96-well or 384-well microplates into such microplate instruments as readers, washers,and dispensers. The dual docking station design of the Twister allows for the addition of avariety of accessories and off-the-shelf, single-function instruments to provide additionalcapacity and handling options. The compact size and intuitive software make Twister awelcome addition to any laboratory performing repetitive tasks using microplates.

Serial No: TW0053N1296

Part No: 70672/0

100V - 120V, or 200V to 240V, 50/60 Hz

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