Zymark Twister 63808 Automated Microplate Handler

Zymark Twister 63808 Automated Microplate Handler

The Twister Universal Microplate Handler offers a simple solution for automating the movement of microplates to and from a microplate reader, washer, or other microplate-processing instrument.
With a capacity of 80 microplates, the design of the original Twister makes it ideally suited as a dedicated autoloader to a wide variety of scientific instruments.
Key Benefits:
* Automates the loading of plates in to various scientific instruments, providing walk-away time for the end user.
* Handles Standard Microplates & Deepwells - Portrait or Landscape Format
* Utilizes Removable Stacks (not included with this item)
* Fits on Standard Laboratory Bench Tops
Dims 70cm (D) x 23cm (W) x 48cm (H)
All these that we have in stock return to their park position when turned on so we believe they are in working order however as we cannot test further we are selling at a spares/repair price


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