Welch Wob-L 2522C-02 Vacuum/Pressure Pump

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Welch Wob-L 2522C-02 Vacuum/Pressure Pump

WOB-L Pumps for filtration & desiccation

Vacuum and pressure filtration is widely used for sample preparation in life science, environmental
& water analysis. Filtration rates are greatly enhanced by creating a differential pressure across the
filter unit by applying either vacuum or pressure.

Ideal for filtering aqueous solutions / buffers
Standard duty dry piston pumps for filtration are effective for filtering aqueous solutions that are
not strongly acidic or basic.

> Single Vacuum and Pressure Source
> Environmental Monitoring
> Air / Gas Sampling
> Vacuum Filtration
> Vacuum Desiccation

> Continuous operation monitoring due to vacuum and pressure regulator
> Optimized design for space saving use and easy cleaning
> Easy Handling and control features features qualifies the pump for flexible usage
> High quality Piston Technology offers low maintenance to the pump and an efficient continuous running

Pumping Speed 18 l/min
Ultimate Pressure 133 mbar
Tubing Needed DN 8 mm
Dimensions WxDxH 206x224x254 mm
Weight 5.3 kg
CAT. No. 2522C-02

Serial# 021700002837

pdf manual

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