Weiss Gallenkamp PSC062 Environmental Stabilty Chamber

Weiss Gallenkamp PSC062 Environmental Stabilty Chamber
PSC 062 Pharmaceutical Stability Chamber
ICH Compatible for Pharmaceutical Testing

Working volume 580 litres
Temp. range  +4°C to +50°C without lighting
                       +20°C to +50°C with lighting
External Dimensions: W129.1 x D86.1 x H188.1 cm
Chamber Dimensions:  W65.3 x D64.9 x H140.6 cm
Inner Chamber 304 Stainless Steel
Up to 14 Shelves
Max Shelf Loading: 10KG
Max Chamber Loading: 50KG
CFC Free, R134A
4 off 35mm monitoring Probe access Ports
Power 230V 50/60Hz, 10.8A
Ambient Operating Range: 10DegC to 35Deg C
Temperature Only Control Range: 4Deg C to 50Deg C
Temp Fluctuation with Time: +- 0.3DegC
Temperature Uniformity: +-1DegC
Temperature and Humidity Range:
+10 Deg C 70-85%rh
+20 Deg C 58-85%rh
+30 Deg C 45-85%rh
+40 Deg C 30-85%rh
+50 Deg C 30-855rh
Serial#s P62XHXG04001


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