Variable Loop Autosampler


Thermo Electron Co Spectra System Variable Loop Autosampler

Spectra System, AS 3000

Dims 51cm D x 41 cm w x 37cm h

Serial # 085/13049-5

DOM 24/8/05

Front Cover Missing

AS 3000 Autosampler Specifications:

    Vial capacity:
        120 vials in three removable trays
        105 vials with tray temperature control
        Injection Precision: <0.5 % RSD @ 10 pL or greater
        Injection Volume: 0.1 - 100 pL injection standard (250 uL syringe) up to 1000 uL injections with larger loops and syringes
        Injection Precision: <0.5% RSD @ 10 uL or greater
        Injection Volume: 20 uL standard (250 uL syringe) 1000 uL injections with larger loops and syringes
    Sample Carryover:
        <0.0 I% at 300 gL flush volume
        5 mL flush volumes can be set
    Minimum Sample Volume: 1 uL can be injected from 5 uL with an end-port needle
    Needle Height: Programmable in 0.1 mm increments
    Method Files: Protected in non-volatile memory
        Remote Inputs: Pump Ready, Inject Hold
        Outputs Pump Stop, Autosampler Ready, Inject, Gradient Start, Four timed-event outputs
        SpectraNETIRS-232 port
    Ambient Environment: 10° - 40°C, 5 - 95% relative humidity

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