Van Der Heijden Kuhlmobil Water Chiller 001 VD-RB301


Van Der Heijden Kuhlmobil Water Chiller 001 VD-RB301

16 Deg C - 24 Deg C

Features and advantages

100% water savings in tap water
No sewage costs for waste water
Cooling water temperature, pressure and flow can be regulated
Constant water quality, no limescale, no algae
Lockable Castors
Acoustic and text description alarm Display
Ambient temperature up to 32°C
Power regulation by microprocessor controlled proportional regulation, this means high temperature stability of water pre-run temperature optional (0.1 K/°C)
Water tank, contents approx. 5 litres

Performance specifications:
Voltage ? 230 V / 1 / N / PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption IN max. 5,3 A
Starting current max. 15 A
Power input 625 watt
Cooling capacity 1.000 watts at 20°C water supply
Pump output, max. 3.5 bar (max. pumping height)
Pump performance, max. 12 l/min (max. flow rate)
Operating over-press., max. 18 bar
Air-volume flow 790 m3/h

Thermostat parameters:
Performance control proportional
Voltage ? 230 V / 50 Hz
Setpoint (factory setting) + 19°C
Adjustment range + 16°C to + 24°C
Lower shut-down value --
Over-temperature alarm + 28°C
Under-temperature alarm + 10°C

Model Current WxDxH mm Castors Ø mm. Weight in kg
001 VD-RB301 230 V/50 Hz 360 x 470 x 590 70 52

Serial# SZ 1702 10

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