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Vacusafe Aspiration for Biological waste Disposal

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Looking for a safe solution to dispose of biological liquid waste?

VACUSAFE is a compact laboratory aspiration system providing a safe and efficient way to collect and contain biological liquid waste.

Vacuum systems are widely used for aspiration of liquids and their subsequent disposal.

Protecting the vacuum source from contamination by liquids and aerosols with an overflow trap and a filter is not only good laboratory practice, but also imperative as a personal protection measure when working with biological, chemical or radioactive liquids.

As an alternative to “do-it-yourself” systems typically found in laboratories, the VACUSAFE aspiration system offers increased safety, exceptional userfriendliness and high versatility.


Protect yourself and the lab

The VACUSAFE product range offers different levels of safety depending on the requirements of specific applications. Basic safety characteristics that apply to all models include the:

    hydrophobic filter for vacuum source protection,
    shatterproof bottle for prevention of spills,
    stand for securely holding the bottle in place,
    autoclavability of the system components that contact liquid.

For total containment of hazardous liquids, the best choice is one of the closed systems with additional safety features:

    Integrated pump with vacuum control (no risk of contaminating house vacuum pipelines and reduced environmental impact by evaporation of volatile solvents).
    Level sensor  detecting option when the bottle is full and so preventing liquid overflow.

The VACUSAFE enables Biosafety level 1, 2 and 3 labs to comply with the stringent user safety guidelines for handling contaminated solutions while maximising productivity and minimising noise and operational inconveniences.

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