UVP MultiDoc-It Imaging System

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MultiDoc-It TLC Imaging System

The MultiDoc-It Imaging System is a high resolution imager capable of capturing and
documenting fluorescent gel images.  

The MultiDoc-It™ system is ideal for laboratories performing image acquisition of routine
electrophoresis of DNA and protein gels. The system works with fluorescent and
colorimetric gels, autoradiography film and microtiter plates.

The high resolution digital color camera has 12 megapixels, 640x480 to 4000x3000

resolution, 6x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, and a USB connector. It fits securely into
the topside chamber of the darkroom.

The compact metal darkroom enclosure has an overhead white LED light, and a wide access
door with a UV-blocking viewing window; UV shuts off when door is open. Darkroom
dimensions: 35.6Wx32.3Dx48.3Hcm (14x123/4x19").

Image capture software controls camera functions including live image preview, focus
and exposure settings, and image saturation warnings. It also features enhancement and
annotation, detailed and configurable reporting, and history tracking.

Main Features

Fluorescent, TLC and colorimetric imaging
Power shot G9 digital color camera with 12.1 megapixel resolution
Sturdy darkroom construction
Modular for adding optional overhead UV lamps (shown in the photo)

Exclusive Capture Software

Exclusive software controls the camera functions, image capture and image enhancement
Live preview of images
Allows selection of user-defined, default settings and templates
Image enhancement enables annotation, use of filters
Report generation


Compact format darkroom features a wide access door for placement of gels
Gel viewing enables safe visualization of UV fluorescent gels
Interchangeable filter design
UV shuts off when the door is open

Configuration for Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Imaging

For capturing brilliant color TLC images such as Ginko Biloba use the MultiDoc-It TLC
model. This model includes two UVGL-25 UV Lamps for placement on two sides of the darkroom


Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

Part # 97-0202-02
Serial# 031308-005

Note this unit is not supplied with the Doc-It®LS Analysis Software. For purchase the part
number from UVP is 97-0185-02, please refer to http://www.uvp.com/docitsoftware.html

Operators manual is included

As this is TLC model, Transilluminator is not included


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