UVP HB-1000 Hybridizer Hybridization Oven

UVP HB-1000 Hybridizer Hybridization Oven
HB-1000 Hybridizer hybridization oven is designed to create the ideal environment for nucleic acid hybridization. The HB-1000 is an efficient work space ensuring thorough mixing at a set temperature.
Main Features
Microprocessor allows precise selection of temperature control (ambient to +10°C to 99.9°C)
Variable speed control (10 to 15 RPM) of the carousel enables consistent saturation of samples, whether for washing or hybridizing
Adjustable RPM knob lets you slow down the rotary wheel for removal of samples
A large LCD, which displays the current temperature inside the chamber, is situated above a touch sensitive key pad for temperature control
The rotary wheel can be removed and replaced with an interchangeable rocker plate enabling all hybridization protocols in one benchtop unit
Removable protective tray allows easy cleanup of spilled media
The rotary wheel can hold twenty (20) 35 x 150mm or ten (10) 35 x 300mm or combination of bottles
Use multiple bottle sizes, arrangements and off-set bottle positioning
Stainless steel internal construction can be cleaned easily
Variable Speed                                    10 to 15 RPM
Heating Element                                 1250 watts
Operation Range                                 Ambient to +10°C to 99.9°C
Temperature Accuracy                       ±0.5°C - 68°C
Temperature Display                         LCD
Temperature Stability                         Inside Oven: ±0.3°C to 68°C 
                                                                Inside Bottles: ±0.1°C to 68°C
Temperature Uniformity                     Inside Oven: ±0.1°C to 68°C 
                                                                Inside Bottles: ±0.1°C to 68°C
Bottle Capacity                                     Twenty (20) 35 x 150 mm or
                                                                Ten (10) 35 x 300 mm
Power                                                    115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
Interior:                                                  27(D) x 36 (W) x 27(H) cm
Exterior:                                                 41(D) x 45 (W) x 42(H) cm
Serial# 0170709-003
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