UVP CL-1000 UV Crosslinker

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UVP CL-1000 UV Crosslinker

Part Ref 95-0174-02

UV crosslinking for attaching nucleic acids to a membrane for example, takes seconds as compared to oven baking. UVP Trans Linker CL-1000 Shortwave Crosslinkers assure consistent UV output for many applications including DNA bonding and UV curing.

Microprocessor controls and measures the dose of UV radiation
Preset and manual controls for ultraviolet or time exposures
Factory pre-settings deliver 120,000 microjoules or 5minutes of exposure; maximum UV energy setting of 999,900 microjoules per cm sq.
Microprocessor optimizes the use of energy while ensuring consistent, maximum energy efficiency and output
Large LED display
Window on the door allows viewing of the process yet blocks the UV radiation
Five 8-watt ultraviolet tubes emit uniform overhead UV illumination

UV Source: CL-1000 254nm

Height (Metric) Interior Chamber 127mm
Width (Metric) Interior chamber 254mm
Depth (Metric) Interior Chamber 305mm

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