Turner Designs TD-20/20 Luminometer

Turner Designs TD-20/20 Luminometer
The Turner Designs TD-20/20 is the ideal research luminometer, offering exceptional sensitivity and versatility. It can measure light output using test tubes, culture dishes, and scintillation vials, as well as beads, strips, and other solids. The wide dynamic range enables the user to run assays requiring ultimate sensitivity as well as assays with high light output.
Features of the TD-20/20
•Sensitive to 0.1 femtogram of luciferase.
•Wide dynamic range of greater than 5 orders of magnitude, easily extended to greater than 7 orders of magnitude with a range-extending optical filter.
•Optional internal auto-injectors provide programmable single or dual injection.
Flexible sample compartment accommodates 8 x 50 mm test tube, 12 x 50 mm test tube, 1.5 ml microfuge tube, 28 mm scintillation vial, or 35 mm culture dish. Also accommodates wavelength-specific filters.
•Calculates sample average and variance of up to 20 replicate samples.
Includes kinetics feature for reactions with unstable light output.
Automatically subtracts the average of up to 5 blank readings.
•RS-232 for data output to a printer or computer.
Blanking Capabilities
Reagents often have an intrinsic background luminescence that contributes to the luminescence readings of standards and samples. Researchers need to manually subtract this background to obtain accurate readings. The Turner Designs TD-20/20 Luminometer now includes the ability to automatically subtract the average of up to 5 blank readings offering increased accuracy as well as simplicity.
Features of the Blanking Capability
•Increased accuracy in standard and sample measurements.
•Up to 5 blanks may be averaged for greater accuracy.
•Instrument stores separate blank values for each mode of operation: standard versus DLR.
•Easy-to-use menu-driven software.
•Blanking capability may be turned off if not desired
Luminometer Specifications

Range: 5+ decades, 7+ decades with range extender.
Sensitivity Adjust: Sensitivity can be adjusted electronically using the keypad in order to optimize readings of more or less concentrated samples.
Integration: User-set Delay period: 0 to 100 seconds; User-set Integrate time: 4 to 6000 seconds.
Data Output: 100% ASCII format through a 9-pin RS-232 serial cable at 9600 baud.
Kinetics Output: 5 times per second for the duration of the integration.
Detector: 10 stage photomultiplier tube. Peak Wavelength: 420 nm. Standard: 300 - 650 nm.
Dimensions: 23.5 cm W x 28 cm D x 21 cm H, 
Weight: 3.6 kg 
Operating Temperature: 5 - 40° C; 41 - 104° F.
Serial# 2-0166-CE
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