TTI Instruments TGP110 Pulse Generator, 10MHZ

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The generation of pulses for the stimulus and control of electronic systems is beyond the capability of all but the most sophisticated of function generators. The architecture of a dedicated pulse generator enables it to generate pulses of a set width regardless of the repetition rate offering duty cycles which can extend down to 1 in 100 million. In addition to continuous operation, single or multiple pulses can be generated in response to trigger or gating signals with precisely defined timing relationships. A dedicated pulse-waveform output amplifier provides flat top pulses with fast rise and fall times at variable amplitude. The TGP110 offers selectable delay between the sync output and pulse output. In triggered mode this also sets the delay between a trigger signal and the start of the pulse.


  •     0.1Hz to 10MHz frequency range
  •     Independent control of pulse frequency, width and delay
  •     50ns minimum pulse width
  •     Squarewave, double pulse & delayed pulse modes
  •     Free-run, gated and triggered modes
  •     50 Ohm output: 0.1V to 10V amplitude
  •     TTL/CMOS and Sync outputs


  •     Sensing & Instrumentation
  •     Signal Processing
  •     Test & Measurement

Product is little used, in original box and with original hard copy manual

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