Titrino 848 Plus Titrator


Metrohm Titrano 848 Plus.

With Manual and all accessories.

This equipment is Used, but is in excellent condition.

Purchased in 2009, but not used since 2011. and was calibrated by Metrohm regularly until late 2012.

Normally over £6000 worth of equipment, available at a fraction of the new price.

Oil Titrino plus
Comprised of:

1 x 848 Titrino plus
1 x 802 Rod Stirrer
1 x 804 Ti Stand

Parts Included:
6.0229.010     Solvotrode easyClean - including brand new spare of £300 value.
6.1909.010     Stirring propeller / 96 mm
6.2001.060     Support stand without support rod
6.2013.010     Clamping ring
6.2016.070     Support rod / 400 mm
6.2021.020     Electrode holder
6.2147.000     Numerical USB keypad
6.2151.100     Adapter USB MINI (OTG) - USB A
6.2320.000     TEABr 0.4 mol/L in ethylene glycol (250 mL)
6.2621.070     Hexagon key 5 mm
6.2621.130     Hexagon key 2 mm
6.2723.310     Protective cover for Titrino plus
6.2739.010     Wrench
6.3026.220     Exchange Unit 20 mL
6.6061.010     Titrino plus methods USB Stick

Demo CD for tiBase 1.1

Previous User Setup:

Used as an acid-base titrator,usually titrating KOH or NaOH to determine the acid content.

Titrating Perchloric acid to determine the epoxy equivalent weight of Vinyl ester resin.

This is what the saved method on the machine is for.




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