Time Electronics DC Current Source, Type 1021 0.05% Grader


Time Electronics DC Current Source
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Time Electronics Type 1021 0.05% Grader
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The Time 1021 DC Current Source is one of the most accurate DC precision current sources on the market. The unit is suitable for performing a whole range of calibration and testing applications with micro amp levels that measure up to 100mA. It also has three different output ranges: the first is 0 to 999.9µA in 0.1 µA, the 0 to 9.999mA in 1µA and the 0 to 99.99mA in 10µA. Time have also ensured that the output voltage is completely adjustable to a range between 14 and 40 volts. The Time 1021 has a maximum output power up to 2.4 watts.

This electrical test instrument has a unique circuit design that makes sure that it is kept completely within specifications for at least one year of use. The variation of temperature is extremely important, and the one for this current source if much better than even 60ppm per degree Celsius, as well as being typically better at a constant temperature at 20ppm per hour. In order to ensure that the switch reliability has been significantly improved, additional back up contacts have been incorporated. This means that even if a contact fails, then this precision current source will continue to operate correctly.

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