Thorlabs PBH51515 - Performance Series I Breadboard & SDP90120 Isolation Table

Thorlabs PBH51515 - Performance Series I Breadboard & SDP90120 Isolation Table
1200 x 900 x 60 mm, M6 Taps
Thorlabs’ Performance Series of optical breadboards is a good choice for less demanding applications. A favorite of OEMs, these all-steel breadboards are also an ideal laboratory platform for optical and laser experiments in stable enviroments.
Athermalized Design for Excellent Thermal Stability
Minimal Deflection Under Load
Plated Steel Honeycomb Core and Internal Damping Provide Both Static and Dynamic Rigidity
Magnetic Stainless Steel Top and Bottom Plate
Our State-of-the-Art Material and a Thermal Bonding Process Achieve an Excellent Surface Flatness
 Hole Spacing  Metric: M6 on 25 mm Centers
 Flatness: ±0.004" (±0.10 mm) Over any 1 ft2 (0.3 m2) Area
 Thickness: (2.4") 60 mm
 Construction: Double-Plated, Single Honeycomb-Core, Athermalized Design
 Core: High-Density Plated Steel Honeycomb
 Top Plate: Magnetic Stainless Steel, (5 mm) Thick, Brushed Finish
 Bottom Plate: Magnetic Stainless Steel, (5 mm) Thick
 Sides: Black Laminated Steel
 Mounting Holes: Not Sealed
 Edge of Top Plate to First Hole 50 mm
Supplied with SDP90120 ScienceDesk™ Workstations for (900 mm x 1200 mm) Breadboard
Welded Steel Frame with Passive Supports
Passive Supports
•Set of Four Load Capacity Standard Passive Isolators: 260 kg (570 lbs) Maximum Load
•Pneumatic Spring
The work surface of the ScienceDesk is mounted on vibration-isolating supports that are recessed within the frame rails to protect the tabletop from incidental contact. These steel frame rails also facilitate the strategic placement of shelves and other accessories around a system so that supporting equipment can be in close proximity to the isolated surface without being on it.
The passive isolators consist of an air chamber with a rolling-rubber sidewall. The air chamber is connected by tubing to a Schrader valve so that once the air chamber is inflated, the source of compressed air or the pump used to pressurize the chamber can be removed. The optical breadboard is supported by the air pressure in the chamber, which can be adjusted to compensate for a change in the load supported by the system. The volume and stiffness of the reinforced rubber air chamber has been optimized to minimize the resonant frequency of the optical table supports while maximizing the damping performance. The optical breadboard is supported by rigid supports when the passive isolators are not inflated.
ScienceDesks with passive isolators are the most frequently chosen ScienceDesk for imaging applications. The level of isolation provided by the passive isolators provides an ideal environment for optical, OCT, confocal, and other imaging systems without the need for a constant supply of regulated compressed air. The compact frame supports a family of accessories that allow for the creation of an ergonomic workstation for imaging applications. For instance, a Swept Source OCT Imaging System contains the optical scan head as well as a computer, monitor, swept source laser, and a control box. With the ScienceDesk, all of the supporting electronics can be easily situated around the isolated optical breadboard without transmitting the vibrations created by the cooling fans.

Serial# Breadboard 064018
Serial# Isolation Table 65062


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