Thorlabs, Electro Lite CS410 - Complete UV Light Curing System

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Thorlabs, Electro Lite CS410 - Complete UV Light Curing System, 100-120 VAC

Model ELC-410

The light guides are manufactured of high efficiency image grade fused glass.
Including 2 curved Tips, 3mm and 10mm.

The compact and rugged design of the CS410 makes it the ideal spot curing system used to resolve a number of
assembly applications in the electronic, medical device, and telecommunication industry.

After initial trigger pull, the curing light and fan will turn on and a clear audible tone will sound at 10 second intervals
in a continuous mode. At the second trigger pull, the light will turn off and the tones will cease. The fan will turn off
after 2 minutes of non use.

The operator is in complete control, as at any time, the curing cycle may be interrupted by simply depressing the
trigger switch.
Dependable & Versatile

With its lightweight, 10 ounce hand-piece, and 360 degree swiveling light guide, the CS410 will help resolve the most
complex, geometrically challenged application. The unit is supplied with an 8 mm curved-tip light guide, however
accessory light-guides of 3 mm and 13 mm tips are available to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Lamp life
is typically greater than 100,000 twenty second exposure cycles, should bulb replacement be necessary, it can easily be
accomplished with the removal of two screws.
Light Guide Interchangeability


Power Input: 100/120, 220/240 volts, 240 V adapter can be provided
50/60 Hz
Lamp Input: 75 watts
Lamp UV Output: 90 mW/cm2 @365 nm
Lamp Life: 800-1000 hrs
Dimensions: 10.0" W x 5.5" H x 9.5" L
Weight: 5lb 10oz.

PDF Manual
Serial No: 47000735

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