Thermo Wellwash 4 Mark 2

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Thermo Wellwash 4 Mark 2
The Wellwash 4 Mk 2 is a semiautomatic microplate washer, comprising pump and washer units.
The Wellwash 4 Mk 2 is a microplate washer for 96-well plates. It can be used in research or routine-test laboratories by trained personnel to wash Microtiter microplates and strips in 96-well plate format that meet the SBS standards.
The instrument provides the following wash functions initiated through the keypad and control switches or a preprogrammed wash card:
1. Liquid dispensing into wells (microplate or microstrip)
2. Liquid aspiration from wells (microplate or microstrip)
With their unique and proven design, the coaxial wash heads of the Wellwash 4 Mk 2 ensure excellent washing efficiency and low residual volumes of less than 5 µl. For clean delivery of washing buffer, the inner dispensing tubes are made of stainless steel. A continuous vacuum in the outer tube prevents cross contamination and ensures complete liquid removal.
For fast and accurate selection of routine protocols, the Wellwash 4 Mk 2 comes with four standard program cards (1 to 4 washing cycles) as well as a programmable card. This switch card permits a quick selection of all wash parameters, including soak times and final wash protocols.
The quick release bottle caps of the Wellwash 4 Mk 2 ensure easy buffer changes.
An additional rinse bottle can be connected, making it easier to purge wash buffer from the wash head or change to a different wash buffer. Automatic pump shutdown reduces wear and noise levels. If unused for 30 seconds, the wash pump of the Wellwash 4 Mk 2 automatically switches off.
Serial# 006-9-10212
PDF Manual
Dims Ext 57cm (D) x 45cm (W) x 33cm (H)
Mains power supply 220 ¯ 240 Vac, 50 Hz
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