Thermo IEC Centra GP8 Centrifuge


Thermo ICE Centra Centrifuge
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This IEC Centra GP8 (CentraGP8) centrifuge provides the powerful, large-capacity in compact benchtop design. Large suction feet secure each unit to the bench to ensure stability. Easy-to-clean, glove-friendly membrane touch panel with advanced SmartSet controls, simplify the selection of operating parameters. The panel features digital display of speed/g-force, run time, program number, rotor/radius setting, and temperature. Plus, you can replicate runs exactly with a single touch of a button. Speed can be set from 500 to 5300rpm in 10 or 100rpm increments. Specifications:

    Maximum Speed: 3400 rpm (216 horizontal rotor)
    Maximum Force: 4630 xg (822A)
    Maximum Capacity: 3000 ml (216/218/228 rotors)

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