Thermo HAAKE ViscoTester VT550 viscometer


Thermo HAAKE ViscoTester VT550

The HAAKE Viscotester 550 from Thermo Scientific is a rotational viscometer specifically designed for quality control applications.

A rotational speed is preset and the flow resistance of the sample is measured (torque required) to maintain the set speed, which is proportional to the viscosity. The results are displayed digitally and can be printed simultaneously.

The viscometer will measure samples from thick to thin, such as oils, paint, ceramic slurry, pasty creams, PVC plastisols, or mineral slurries.

The HAAKE Viscotester 550 provides flow curves, yield points, time curves, and temperature curve results.

Sensor Systems and Accessories
A range of sensor Systems and accessories systems are available for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE range of viscometers to meet the application requirements of various tests and samples.

Speed Range 0.,5rpm to 800 rpm
uncertainty -0.001
CD Mode 0.01254 rpm
Torque Range:
Speed up to 400 rpm 0.1 mNm - 30 mNm
Speed up to 800 rpm 0.1 mNm - 20 mNm
Temperature Range minus 50 DegC to Plus 250 DegC

Interface RS 232

Power 240V 50 Hz (DC Adapter included)

Stand included as per images

Serial# 1200300210004

Pdf manual available

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