Thermo EM0100 SAS AIR SAMPLER (Oxoid Branded)

SAS AIR SAMPLER (Oxoid Branded)

Thermo EM0100A

100 Ltrs/Min
For use in the pharmaceutical and food production areas or clinical settings for environmental monitoring.
Model: EM0100A
Serial: OX-16-500 and OX-16-492

New but Pre owned, in Manufacturers Packaging

Date of Verification Certificate 27/10/2016.
Product Components
1 x Oxoid Air Sampler Unit (supplied with head ready-to-use with 90mm plates)
1 x Battery Charger (110V or 220V)
1 x Documentation Package (1 x Manual, 1 x Quick Guide)
1 x SAS Head with Adaptor for Petri Plate (VWR 710-0879).
The Oxoid Air Sampler is ready for use with a 90mm plate. The standard sampling head is aluminium. By purchasing a 55mm sampling head, this unit can be easily converted for use with a 55mm contact plate. - and battery charger.
Technical Details: 
Flow Rate  100 litres of air per minute
Impact Speed <20m/sec
Battery Life after 4 hour charging depending on treatment/use)  approx. 7 hours
General Product Information:
    Portable air sampler
    Oxoid branded, red sampler
    Rechargeable battery – upon receipt the unit should be charged for 4 hours, dependent on age, condition of use, etc, this allows for approx. 5-7 hours operation
    Air intake 100l/min calibrated flow with real-time electronic control of actual air flow (through 219 holes)
    8 preset and 8 user-set volumes of air saved to memory
    Programmable intervals for between samplings (without operator)
    Delay start option
    Optional infra-red remote control
    Aluminium head (cannot be autoclaved, use alcohol spray/wipes)
    Language options (Italian, Spanish, English)
    Physical efficiency data available upon request (according to BS EN ISO 14698-1:2003 Annex B)
    Calibration recommended at 6-12 month periods
    Quality check system available (EM0100P) for on-site use


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