The G-Storm GS1 Thermal Cycler


The G-Storm GS1 Thermal Cycler PCR
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Standard 96 Well Thermal Block Fitted (GALAG 2472)

The G-Storm GS1 Thermal Cycler is the ideal solution for research scientists looking for a

premium thermal cycler with advanced features, accuracy, performance, and ease of use.

All of the GS1 Thermal Cyclers’ blocks are under tetrad engine control ensuring accurate,

uniform and reproducible execution of PCR protocols on your thermal cycler regardless of sample

loading and regardless of the external environment conditions. Protocols are reproduced

consistently sample to sample and run to run. For peace of mind and quality control the

performance of all runs on the GS1 Thermal Cycler is stringently monitored by the two on-board

processors and the execution of every temperature step is stored in a unique GLP file.  Complex

thermal cycling protocols incorporating time increment and decrement, temperature increment and

decrement, gradient, hot start, nested PCR and barcode tagging are easily created using an

intuitive drag and drop programming style often copied by our competitors but never bettered.

Every GS1 Thermal Cycler has an enormous memory with individual user directories and the

capacity for over 10,000 PCR protocols. This makes the GS1 thermal cycler the ideal personal

thermal cycler or core laboratory resource thermal cycler choice. The G-Storm GS1 thermal cycler

is perfect for the experienced scientist who demands the very highest specifications and

features and its intuitive program wizard makes it also ideal for those who are new to molecular

biology that require a thermal cycler that is easy to use and to program.

The GS1 Thermal Cyclers’ class leading low power consumption helps the environment and your lab

budget. Furthermore it does this with no compromise achieving outstanding performance superior

to its more power hungry competitors. Built to the highest specifications, the GS1 offers

everything you need from a thermal cycler.

FAST Blocks:

Choose between standard, gradient and  FAST gradient Blocks:

• Ramp rate of up to 6°CS-1 with

FAST Block option

• Increased productivity by faster protocols G-Storm Ltd offer the choice of
standard thermal blocks with a ramp rate of up to 3.5°CS-1 or FAST Block (96 and 384) option with ramp rates of up to 6°CS-1.

Thermal Block Characteristics:   
Temperature range                                           4°C - 99°C
Temperature control                                         Calculated mode with plate & tube control algorithms
Volume range                                                     2-150µl
Block Accuracy                                                  +/- 0.4°C (20-99°C)
Block Homogeneity                                          +/- 0.4°C
Ramp Rate                                                        Ramp rate (standard block) Up to 3°CS-1
Ramp rate (fast block)                                     up to 6°CS-1
Gradient temperature range                          30°C - 80°C
Max/min gradient span                                   30°C / 1°C
Sample-overshoot                                              <1°C
Sensor temperature regulation accuracy    +/- 0.1°C
Heated Lid    
Lid temperature                                                  112°C
User Interface    
Screen type                                                       6.4 inch TFT colour VGA touch-screen
Data input                                                          Touch-screen, external keyboard & mouse (USB) (Optional),
barcode scanner (USB)(Optional)
Temperature display                                         Real-time graphical display of actual block temperatures
Communication                                               1x USB (for memory stick)
User & File Management    
User levels                                                         Three : Administrator, User (with administrator selectable restricted rights), and guest
File protection                                                  via restricted access
File organization                                               Windows Explorer, user-defined folders & subfolders
Program storage                                            Circa 10,000 (internal memory)
Reports & Validation    
Reports                                                              Encrypted GLP report, LabBook report
Validation                                                           Automatic internal validation prior to each program start
Power & Dimensions    
Electronic power supply                                 100V to 240V (frequency 48 to 62Hz)
Dimensions (LxWxH)                                      465mm x 337mm x 265mm
Weight                                                               13 kg
Operating conditions                                      10°C - 30°C, 0 - 95% relative humidity
Regulatory                                                        CE compliant

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