Tecniplast BS60 Class 2 Laminar Flow Safety Cabinet


Tecniplast BS60 Class 2 Laminar Flow Safety Cabinet.


Adjustable Working Height
Extra Large Working Area, big enough for animal cage swaps

External dimensions (W x D x H):
1824 x 898 x 1986 mm.

Chamber dimensions (W x D x H):
1486 x 535 x 690 mm.

Access opening height:
290 mm - 11” 3/8 (Changing Configurarion).
250 mm - 10” (BSC 2 Configurarion).

350 Kg.
771 lbs.


1/Large working area:

The work surface is composed of three easily removable frames,
built in sound-absorbent, anti-scratch and autoclavable material.
Height access opening: 290 mm / 11” 3/8.

Partial recirculation air flow: BS60 provides a safe cross-contamination free work area for
handling animals and protects operator and environment from exposure to allergens by a very
strong frontal air barrier.

3/Ergonomically designed
The opening access has a slanted glass panel, with an inclination of 10°; the main HEPA filter
and the rear wall are also inclined, which allows a constant laminar flow without dead zones that
create turbulences. The 10° inclination of the glass allows good visibility of the work surface

4/Microprocessor controls
Soft touch electronic control with luminescent graphic display located in an easily accessible
position. Thanks to the graphic display, a menu with diagnostics enables the operator to
check the conditions of the HEPA filters and of the UV-C lamp and receive precise updates on
scheduled maintenance, the established date of replacement and the date of the last DOP
test carried out. The machine is provided with a control system with a microprocessor which
automatically controls the velocity of the laminar air flow and of the air curtain and which
constantly monitors the working condition of the cabinet. The alarms of the cabinet comply with
EN 12469 norms.

5/Standard UV-C light
Integrated in the back of the unit; the UV motorized system opens the door of the UV-C lamp;
it does not create turbulences in the laminar flow since it folds away into the rear of the wall,
90° to its previous position. The duration of the sterilization cycle may be programmed via the
control panel.

6/Easy service and maintenance
The access to the Hepa Filters and to the motorblower is made easier by a removable panel.
The electronic control card is not part of the contaminated area since it is located behind a panel
which can be easily lifted thanks to gas springs.
* The pre-filters support is U-shaped, preventing dust from bypassing the pre-filters.
* BS60 is very easy to clean since all the inner and outer surfaces have rounded corners.
7/Auto lift
The electric auto lift allows ergonomic positioning for the user and makes the unit easy to
transport through normal doorways; the lift system can be controlled easily by three buttons:
up, down, and wheel level. The height of the work surface from the floor is adjustable from
675 mm / 26” 5/8 to 1040 / 41”.

Serial: 1830608

Power: 230V

YOM : 2008

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