Techne HB-1D Hybridiser Hybridisation Oven/Incubator


Techne HB-1D Hybridiser Hybridisation Oven/Incubator

This economical high-performance hybridization oven is compact and simple to use. It is
designed for immobilization of DNA, RNA, and proteins onto nylon or nitrocellulose

Incubator holds up to six hybridization tubes with a minimum of five 20x20cm membranes/tube.

Clear liquid crystal temperature display and glass door permit accurate data observation.

Warm-up time is 50 minutes (from 16 to 65°C) with over-temperature cutout. Unit features
digital temperature control and PRT temperature sensor.

• Compact, easy to use and provides complete protection from hybridisation hazards
• A temperature range of 10°C above ambient to 100°C
• High capacity which can hold up to 24 mini tubes or 6 unique large tubes
• Hybridisations can be performed with a minimal volume of 5ml of probe
• Adjustable feet to enable accurate leveling
• Unique double-glazed glass door; quiet and safe, providing durable protection

Maximum glass tube capacity            24 mini tubes
Maximum temperature                       100°C
Minimum temperature                        10°C above ambient     
Adjustable rotation speed                  0, 5 to 20 rpm     
Adjustable rocking platform               5-20 or 15-60 opm
Stability in chamber                            1.0°C     
Stability in tubes                                  ±0.1°C     
Uniformity in chamber                       ±1.5°C     
Uniformity in tube                               ±1.0°C
Temperature set point resolution    0.1°C     
Absolute accuracy                              ±0.3°C
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)            285 x 385 x 555
Voltage                                                 230V, 50-60Hz     
Power                                                   750W     
Shipping Weight                                24kg

PDF Manual Available

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