Techne DRI-BLOCK Heater DB3


Techne DRI-BLOCK Heater DB3


Techne DRI-BLOCK Heater DB3 is one of the many quality laboratory and scientific products . Techne DRI-BLOCK Heater DB3 is image part of a wide selection of Techne Dry baths or heating blocks. Combining excellent quality , the Techne DRI-BLOCK Heater DB3 can meet your scientific research needs.

Economical, constant temperature heaters accommodate test tubes, cuvettes, micro-centrifuge tubes, 96-well plates, and other small containers. With two interchangeable blocks and four temperature options, these heaters will work for a variety of clinical and industrial applications.

Each heater unit has a recessed chamber to hold two or three aluminum alloy insert blocks, and independent lights indicate power, heater action, and temperature conditions. In addition, the units are lightweight and have extremely efficient insulation to ensure that the case remains cool to the touch, even at maximum operating temperatures.

The DB-3  model accepts three insert blocks (This one has only 2 blocks). Each insert block is designed to provide a tight fit for tubes to ensure high heat transference. In addition, each block has a threaded thermometer hole that is designed to accept the block extraction tool (not inlcuded) to allow for easy removal of hot insert blocks.

The sample concentrators are adjustable gas reservoirs that mount over DB-3 models to allow samples to be heated quickly and efficiently to the desired temperature and to assist in evaporation. It can be used for analytical techniques including drug screening, hormone assay, chromatographic analysis, and scintillation counting.

Description:    Model DB-3, 240V
TemperatureRange:    25 to 100°C
Set PointAccuracy:    ±2.0#

Dimensions, W29cm - D21.5cm - H10 cm
ShippingWeight, 4.6 kg
Unit:    Each
Temperature Stability
Model DB-3
Block Size: 6 off 26 mm dia holes and 20 off 12.5 mm dia holes

The DB-3 is designed to take three aluminium alloy insert blocks.
Temperature setting is by a calibrated knob/dial in degrees centrigrade.
Temperature range 25°C to 100°C

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