TECAN Multifunctional 384 and 96 well power washer, microplate washer

TECAN’s new multifunctional power washer, the PW 384, simultaneously washes all the wells of a 384-well plate in "overflow" mode quicker than ever before.
This unique, ultra-fast wash speed is ideal for life science laboratories performing either cell-based or ELISA applications in high throughput screening and secondary screening.
The PW 384’s innovative design means you can switch easily between 384- and 96-well plates, just by changing the wash head. T
There are adjustable dispensing speeds and vacuum levels, so you can choose the gentle dispensing speed for cell-based assays to minimise dislodging cells, or the fast overflow setting for more robust ELISA assays.
An optional liquid level control system lets you know when wash and rinse bottles are empty and prevents waste overflow. Fully automatic preventative maintenance procedures make sure that this fast and flexible washer runs smoothly and reliably.
The PW 384 can function as a stand-alone instrument and is easily integrated into robotic assay systems such as Workstations and TRAC via an OLE-interface.
The Power Washer 384 (PW384) is setting a new standard for performance and application flexibility by combining ultra-fast processing of 96- and 384-well plates with excellent handling of cell-based assays in one compact research instrument.
Optimized wash heads for simultaneous processing of either microplate format guarantee maximum throughput, reducing overall processing time to a couple of seconds. 
Software-controlled wash parameters such as dispense and aspiration speed, vertical aspiration position and vacuum level allow fine-tuning of the Power Washer 384 to all application needs. Automated cleaning procedures make the Power Washer 384 easy to maintain and ensure high reliability.
Product hightlights include:
High performance washer for 96- and 384-well microplates
2-in-1 solution combining two applications and two microplate formats in one compact instrument
Easy, user-exchangeable wash heads guarantee optimum throughput in both 96- and 384-well formats
Simultaneous processing of all wells also in the 384-well format - no time-consuming indexing of wash head required
Tunable wash parameters for best results with both cell-based and ELISA assays for research use
Handling of up to 3 wash buffers for maximum application flexibility
Reliable operation and easy maintenance via predefined cleaning protocols
Installed Software V2.07 (Includes Software supplied on 2 x 3.5" Floppy Drives)
Supplied with all original manuals, spares kits, RS 232 Cable as per images
Fitted with 96 well wash head
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