Taylor Wharton LS4800 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

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Taylor Wharton LS4800 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
The Taylor-Wharton Laboratory Systems (LS) are uniquely designed for large vial capacity in convenient box-type storage racks and at the same time keep LN2 consumption to a minimum. This means lower per vial operating costs and fewer refills
The rectangular shape of the racks for 5 x 5 or 10 x 10 cryoboxes makes it easier to maintain an overview of and identify stored samples. As a result, samples can be located and removed more easily and faster..  They provide maximum holding times
These Dewars with canister and rack storage systems offer long-term, cost-effective storage for cells, tissues, and other biological samples. Canisters hold samples in either the vapor or liquid phase depending on the liquid nitrogen level. Temperatures are maintained from –184°C under the closed necktube core to –196°C at the liquid nitrogen level. In case of storage in the vapour phase, the two bottom shelves must be left empty, which reduces the capacity. The use of a a level controller is recommended
Lightweight construction for easy handling. Ribbed-body design and high-strength aluminum construction ensure durability.
Static holding time - 162 days
Working time - 108 days
Normal Evaporation rate (litres/day) - 0.65
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity - 130 litres
Weight Empty / Full (kg) - 40.9 / 146.1
Neck Diameter (mm) - 216
Overall Height / Diameter (mm) - 892 x 683
Vial Capacity 4800

Includes racking as per images (boxes not included)
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