Synbiosis Protocol SR 92000 Colony Counting and Measuring System


Synbiosis Protocol SR 92000 Colony Counter and Measuring System


Built in Image Capture and software, with built in Personal Computer

With User Manuals, Monitor, keyboard, mouse and all original installation documentation

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The Synbiosis ProtoCol SR is an automatic colony counting system ideally used for microbiology and virology applications. It has a measurement time of 0.9 sec, a resolution of > 0.09 mm and a zoning size of > 0.02 mm2 for standard 90 mm petri dishes

The ProtoCOL SR consists of a PC linked to a fully enclosed cabinet with a built
in, high-resolution camera and LED lighting above and below the plate holder. The
camera, which is integrated to powerful image analysis software, can detect
colonies 0.2 mm in diam (ProtoCOL SR) and colonies as small as 0.1 mm diam
(ProtoCOL HR). The systems can simultaneously capture, differentiate, and display
an unlimited number of different color colonies on one plate image.


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