Supelco Rotameter, 0-454 mL/min.

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Supelco Rotameter, 0-454 mL/min.

General description
Rotameters are suitable for low flow measurement. They can only be used on clean fluids. A typical rotameter has a tapered metering tube which is mounted vertically with small end at the bottom and a float which is free to move within the tube. The fluid to be measured enters at the bottom of the tube, passes upwards around the float and out at the top. The increase and decrease of flow causes the float to rise higher or drop to low respectively. The flow rate is hence determined by direct observation of the position of the float in the metering tube.
This rotameter is designed for the accurate regulation of gas flow, providing measurement at the same time. This versatile unit includes four interchangeable floats, each with a different working range. Simply install the float required for the application. Standard flow tables in mL/min at STP are included.

The rotameter is easy to mount. Alternatively, it can be installed on a tripod assembly (order tripod assembly separately). Available with or without needle valve.


Max. Pressure: 200 psig (13.8 bar)
Max. Temp.: 250 °F (121 °C)
Connections: 1/8 in. female NPT (use connector to male NPT fittings to connect into gas delivery system)

Float Upper Flow Rates

0-454 mL/min. Rotameter

Glass Float: 92 mL/min.
Sapphire Float: 140 mL/min.
Stainless Steel Float: 264 mL/min.
Carboloy Float: 454 mL/min.

Calibrated Supelco Rotameter is suitable in mixing medical grade breathable gas with either oxygen or nitrogen.

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