Struers TegraSystem TegraPol-31 and TegraForce-5, Polisher Grinder


Struers TegraSystem TegraPol-31 and TegraForce-5

Polisher Grinder


• Modular and flexible system that can be adapted to fit your specific needs
• High efficiency and reproducibility is ensured due to precise control of
all preparation parameters
• Consumable costs are reduced and specimen throughput is increased
due to improved efficiency
• Easy to operate with large graphical display and pre-installed
preparation methods
• LED light illuminates the preparation area
• The emergency switch stops all moving parts in case of an emergency
• Networking allows you to share your methods and improve efficiency
and standardization
• Preparation methods can be downloaded from the Internet and
used immediately
• Preparation methods are automatically recalculated to suit different
system sizes
• Only one power, water and air connection is necessary to supply the
whole system
• Durable and proven technology ensures years of trouble-free operation

The 300 mm TegraPol
The 300 mm machines are sturdy, single disc units designed for intensive use and for the preparation of many or large specimens. TegraPol-31 has a speed range from 50-300 rpm.

The oval opening on the TegraPol machines grants easy access when exchanging consumables. At the same time it allows to place the specimen holder or specimen mover disc in the best possible position over the preparation
disc to achieve optimum preparation results.

The multipurpose specimen mover – TegraForce-5
TegraForce-5 is designed to handle both single specimens and multiple specimen preparation. Up to 6 single specimens can be inserted in a specimen mover plate, where the force is applied individually to each specimen. For multiple specimen preparation the use of specimen holders makes large numbers of specimens easy to handle and easy to clean, which all adds up to a higher throughput and a more cost-efficient preparation.
The TegraForce-5 is fully automatic. When specimens clamped in a holder are prepared, the TegraForce-5 is automatically moved up as soon as the preparation step is finished, while it stays down if single specimens are being prepared. Additionally, a guiding system has been developed to position the specimen mover in the same position over the preparation disc every time.

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