StatSpin* CytoFuge* 2 Personal Cytocentrifuge System


StatSpin CytoFuge 2 Personal Cytocentrifuge System

Including Clips and Rotor

Model: M801-22, Serial No: 0312

Concentrates cells from body fluids onto microscope slides with a level of cell recovery, clarity and detail that cannot be achieved with direct smear techniques

Consistent samples are processed quickly and quietly; monolayer cell presentations preserve excellent morphological detail. Offers a choice of filter- or gasket-seal concentrators to handle all specimens from routine body fluid preparations to multiple cell concentrations or controls on the same slide. The broad range of selectable speeds and run times allow precise reproduction of most procedures.
Includes: Centrifuge, 100/240V power supply, Four-place rotor w/cover, Four filter concentrators w/clips, Four 1-well cell concentrators w/gaskets, Four 3-well cell concentrators w/gaskets, 10 cell concentrator clips, Four cell concentrator backing plates
Operating Features

    Maximum speed/RCF: 4000rpm/1060xG
    Intuitive speed and cycle time controls
    Rotor included
    Cover interlock prevents operation if cover is not completely closed; automatically releases upon cycle completion
    Automatic acceleration and braking rates assure rapid, gentle starts and stops
    Quiet-running and compact to fit any hood or benchtop space
    Unit and rotor can be easily cleaned with bleach

Rotor Features

    Requires no trunnion carriers or clamps
    High-strength chassis and unbreakable see-through lid ensure mechanical containment
    Leak-resistant and gasketed for improved biohazard containment

Disposable Polypropylene Filter Concentrators

    Hinged backing plate simplifies assembly
    Integral cellulose fiber filter card to absorb fluids at a controlled rate during centrifugation
    Cells are greatly concentrated into a monolayer with minimal loss in the filter material
    Reusable filter concentrators can be used 20 times; replace filter card before each use

Disposable/Reusable Cell Concentrators


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