Statebourne Biostor 5 Wideneck Refrigerator Cryogenic Storage System


Statebourne Biostor 5 Wideneck Refrigerator (Liquid Nitrogen Tank)

Biostor refrigerators provide a low cost alternative to the Biosystem Series.
Volume Litres     66
Internal Diameter mm     406
External Diameter mm     460
Internal Height mm     513
External Height mm     777
Weight Empty (Kg)     28
Weight Full (kg)     81

A. Supplied with roller base

Equipped with Storage System ICS Statebourne liquid phase, aluminium, Catalogue Number 580 1064, Six segments, each with 9 drawers, total capacity 5,292 1.2ml or 2ml Cryovials

Note when supplied new these have list prices as follows

Tank £1,419
roller Base £326
Storage System £2,131

This would represent a total investment of almost £3,900 per tank, our used tanks are in excellent condition and display an immense saving versus purchasing new

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