Sony UP-D890 Digital Graphic Printer

Sony UP-D890 Digital Graphic Printer
The UP-D890 Digital Monochrome Printer incorporates techniques that have been developed over several years of printer manufacture, therefore, providing stunning hard copies with 256 brightness gradations. The UP-D890 outputs standard 100mm x 100mm prints as well as panoramic-size prints. Equipped with a Bi-Centronics interface, the UP-D890 can be directly connected to computers and measuring equipment including electronic microscopes and industrial X-ray systems. This interface allows for mutual communication between the printer and a connected computer and since it supports the ECP mode, data is quickly transferred to reduce overall print time.
    High quality pictures with a fast print speed.
    Bi-Centronics interface.
    Panoramic print capability with optional 4 MB memory.
    User selectable print modes.
    Choice of three thermal paper types:
    Standard (UPP-110S/4).
    High Density (UPP-110HD).
    Dynamic Wide Range (UPP-110HA) paper
High Quality Picture Printing at High Speed
Clear, fine image printing is assured with a high resolution thermal head which provides 1024 dpi and a true 256 step gray scale. A waiting time of approximately 5.5 seconds is all that is required to produce each high quality print.
Digital Interfacing for Flexibility
The UP-D890 is equipped with a bi-Centronics interface so that equipment such as computers and X-ray machines can be directly connected to give clear hard copies of images without signal deterioration. ECP mode compliance gives rapid data transfer.
Selectable Print Modes
Normal and Panoramic printing capability
Alternative printing paper available for various purposes.
Selectable Gamma
SPECIFICATIONS Printing Method  Direct thermal printing
Thermal Head  Thin film thermal head 1024 dots/ 100mm
Gradations  256 gray levels
Max. Effective Print Pixels  1024 x 1024 dot 5120 x 1024 dot
with optional 4 MB memory
Printed Picture Size  100 x 100mm ±1.5% (1024 x 1024 dot)
500 x 100mm (5120 x 1024 dot
with optional 4 MB memory)
Printing Speed  Approx. 5.5 sec/print ±10%
(1024 x 1024 dot)
Picture memory  1024 x 1024 x 8-bit
5120 x 1024 x 8-bit with
optional 4 MB memory
Interface  Centronics (Bi-directional parallel interface)
(Conforms to IEEE-STD-P1284
Compatible, Reverse-Nibble modes
and supports the ECP mode)
Power Requirements  AC 100-120V/220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption  120V: 1.5A 220 to 240V:0.8A
Safety Regulations  UL-1950, CSA-C22.2 No. 950
Dimensions (WHD)  6 1/8 x 4 1/4 x 12 inches
Weight  Approx. 7 lb. 16 oz.
Serial# 10137


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