Shimadzu Column Oven CTO-10AC


Shimadzu Column Oven CTO-10AC VP

The Shimadzu CTO-10AC Column Oven is a large capacity, forced hot-air circulation unit intended to regulate the temperature around the column.  Designed to heat and cool the column compartment, the CTO-10AC is regulated over a wide range, from 10°C below room temperature to 85°C, for increased reproducibility and separation performance.

VP Column Ovens

Shimadzu's CTO-10AVP/10ACVP are the most versatile high performance column ovens for HPLC on the market today. They provide thermal column isolation and precise temperature control which serve to improve the accuracy, precision and reliability of your analyses. The CTO 10ACVP column oven easily integrates with the modular components of Shimadzu's LC-10AVP fiber optically interfaced HPLC Series or may be used stand alone to complement any HPLC system.

Automatic Fan Speed Control
The CTO-10AC's forced air circulation and optimum fan rotation speed is automatically controlled via the oven's set temperature for superb temperature control. Quick feedback prevents uneven rotation, even during power source voltage fluctuations, thus accurately maintaining a constant oven temperature.

Precision Temperature Control at Sub-Ambient Temperature (CTO-10AC)
The Peltier cooling method offers efficient temperature control down to 10°C below ambient to perform sub-ambient analyses easily and conveniently. The CTO-10AC also enables ambient temperature analyses to be performed at constant temperature, regardless of the lab's surrounding environment, thus improving your data's reliability.

Ambient temperature sensor
All ovens have the possibility to connect an ambient temperature sensor for report the ambient temperature together with the oven temperature and the chromatogram and for an optimized temporature control internally. The sensor is part of the standart accessories to each column oven.

Spacious Oven Compartment
In addition to the column, the CTO-10AC column oven easily accomodates peripheral components including manual injectors (2), gradient mixers, reaction coils, flow-channel selection valves (2), or the cell flow blocks of Shimadzu's conductivity or electrochemical detectors. Maintaining these components at constant temperature provides increased analysis accuracy and repeatability. The CTO-10AC also offers vertical right and left independent doors for added convenience.

Safety Features
The CTO-10AC's safety features include a feedback mechanism which prevents abnormal temperature increases, leak-proof liquid containment construction, and a flammable solvent leak sensor have been incorporated to ensure secure operation.

Temperature range -10°C below ambient to 80°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Ambient Temperature Range 4 to 35°C

Dims 42cm (D) x 26cm (W) x 42cm (H)

Serial# C21033500282KL

We also have available a Shimadzu Degasser Model DGU 14A which can be used together, please see our Stock Ref F113

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