Sharetree Temperature Cycling Chamber TC250/460LN2

Sharetree Temperature Cycling Environmental Chamber TC250/460LN2

W (mm) H (mm) D (mm)  Internal dimensions    460   460   460 
                                         External dimensions (max.)   1280  1950  1100 
Operating temperature range    150°C maximum        -70°C minimum 
Average rate of change of temperature  2°C/minute (10-90%) 
Maximum thermal mass    12 Kg 
Maximum load dissipation    100W
Requires 3 Phase Power Supply
Requires Liquid Nitrogen for ultra low temperature operation
Serial# 59475 oaf 17619
Last calibrated by Sharetree on 18th November 2014 and unused since
DOM Approx 2001
The Chamber is now proffessionally crated and is situated in Aberdeen, to be collected by the potential purchaser


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