Shaker Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 5000 Floor-Model Shaker Incubator

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Shaker Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 5000 Floor-Model Shaker


Key Features:

    Easily accommodate six 4L flasks, four 6L flasks or six 2800mL Fernbach flasks
    Wide temperature range: 10°C above ambient to 60°C on incubated models, 15°C below ambient to 60°C on refrigerated models
    Monitor and control chamber temperature range with ±0.1°C accuracy at 37°C
    Overtemperature safety feature with independent thermostat provides additional backup by controlling heat if main temperature controller fails
    Triple eccentric drive handles heavy loads, uniform agitation and continuous 24 hr. operation, even at high speeds
    Drip pan built into the chamber floor under the platform contains spills
    Clear, scratch-resistant lid for sample viewing
    With foot pedal for hands-free operation and retractable casters for portability
    Optional shelf provides additional storage space and convenience when switching flasks
    Access ports provided through side of cabinet wall for probes, thermocouples or sensors
    Optional gassing manifold enables direct gassing into flasks for anaerobic cultures
    Variable speed control from 15 to 500rpm
    Continuous and timed operation from 0.1 hour up to 999 hours or 0.1 to 999 min.
    View speed, time and temperature simultaneously on three separate LED digital displays
    Visual/audible alarms alert to temperature deviations; heat turns off if temperature deviates ±1°C of setpoint
    Shaker shutdown and audible/visual alarms signal if unit operates ±10% of set speed, preventing the shaker from walking
    Soft-start feature eliminates sudden starts and stops, splashing of vessel contents or wetting of flask closure
    User-adjustable speed calibration can be performed using a digital handheld tachometer, where verification is required and protocols can be standardized
    Unbalanced load sensor stops platform motion when excess vibration is detected and visual/audible alarms signal until condition is corrected
    Retains parameters during power failure and restarts unit automatically after power is restored
    Solid-state DC brushless motor is maintenance-free
    RS-232 interface allows remote monitoring of speed, time and temperature

    Overall Dimensions:
        Platform dimensions: 30 × 18″ (76 × 45 cm)
        Overall Dimensions L × W × H: 32 × 41 × 41″ (83.1 × 104.1 × 104.1 cm)

Recommended for:

    Cell culture
    Bacterial suspensions
    Solubility studies
    Staining and destaining
    Extraction procedures
    Washing procedures
    Plant growth
    General mixing
    Plasmid purification
    Protein expression

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