Sentron 1001-004 ISFET pH/mV/temperature handheld meter

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Sentron 1001-004 ISFET pH/mV/temperature handheld meter

Use these ISFET meters to measure pH/mV/temperature. Access all functions via the sealed push-button keypad. Advanced functions include calibration memory, sample memory, and simultaneous pH/mV or pH/temperature readings via the dual LCD.
Meters include a nonglass submersible pH electrode that is ideal for use with foods. Nonbreakable electrode features a built-in Ag/AgCl reference cell and automatic temperature compensation element. Electrode is easy to use -- simply immerse in the sample or place a small amount of sample directly on the sensor. Electrode measures 8"L x 3/8" dia.Hand-Held Meter (model 59100-02) is portable and easy to use. Access all functions through the four-button keypad. Meter comes with electrode, electrode cleansing brush, 9 V battery, and instruction manual. Housing is ABS plastic.

One- or two- point calibration
Auto buffer recognition at pH 2.00, 4.00, 7.00, 10.00, and 12.00
Sample memory stores up to five sets of readings for quick recall.

Specifications & Description
Display typeLCD
ConnectionsISFET or BNC
Min pH (pH)0
Max pH (pH)14
pH Resolution0.01/0.1
pH Accuracy±0.01 pH
Min mV (mV)-400
Max mV (mV)400
mV Resolution1 mV
mV Accuracy±1 mV
Min Temperature (° C)0
Max Temperature (° C)60
Min Temperature (° F)32
Max Temperature (° F)140
Battery1 x 9 V battery (included)
Width (cm)6.6675Height (cm)17.93875

Original manual and packaging

Serial# 30679

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