Sartorius LA3200D Lab Balance


Sartorius LA3200D Lab Balance

This professional grade lab balance can weigh up to 1000 grams x 1 mg. Once your load exceeds 1000 grams, your resolution decreases down to 0.01 grams, but the balance's capacity goes up to 3200 g x 0.01 g.

Readability g 0.001/0.01
Weighing capacity g 1,010/3,200
Tare range (subtractive) g – 3,200
Repeatability ≤±g 0.001/0.01

Unfortunately this balance has a fault on the LCD as per close up image. This renders use of the menus difficult however the balance is weighing accurately and the measurements are perfectly readable so is fully functional for basic weighing. Our pricing reflects this fault

Serial# 13406665

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