Sartorius MD8 airscan, 230V, gelatin membrane filter method


Sartorius MD8 airscan, 230V, gelatin membrane filter method


MD8 airscan®

The MD8 airscan air sampler, together with gelatin membrane filter disposables, constitutes an airborne microorganism sampling system for accurate, reproducible and quantitative detection of airborne microorganisms in clean rooms and isolators, whether conventionally ventilated or under laminar flow.

The air sampler for critical applications - quantitatively and reproducible detection of airborne microorganisms and viruses

The system consists of the MD8 airscan® air sampler and disposable gelatine filter units. The system is routinely used for the quantitative detection of airborne organisms, mainly in sterile areas of class A and B (classification according to “EU-Guide for GMP“), isolators, or blow-fill-seal machines.

The very high air flow rate of 8 m³/h enables isokinetic sample removal at flow speed usual in laminar flow as well as for the filtration of 1 m³ air very quickly (less than 8 minutes). The filter unit can be placed remote from the air sampler.

The MD8 airscan® air sampler allows to adjust selectively and easily air flow rate and sample removal speed. By means of a specially developed calibration unit (see accessories), the user can calibrate the MD8 airscan® locally, e.g. within the scope of validation steps.

After removing the sample, the gelatine filter can be placed directly on the agar culture medium for incubation and colony growth.

Accurate results / validatable retention
Compliant with regulations such as EU-GMP
Isokinetic sampling in laminar-flow areas (no generation of turbulence)
Can be calibrated on-site
Suitable for use in class A/B clean rooms, BFS machines and isolators, because the pump can be positioned outside the critical work area
Lowest bacteria counts can be measured, due to the short sampling time of 1 m³ of air

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power: 230V 50 Hz

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