Sartorius CERTOMAT® R Benchtop Shaker

Sartotius CERTOMAT® R Benchtop Shaker
The strong magnetic drive of this benchtop shaker makes it an optimal tool for nearly all shaking work in a lab.
The CERTOMAT® R is a proven construction designed for long life without wear and tear. The powerful magnetic drive with microprocessor control stands for a quiet run.
The CERTOMAT® R is equipped with an acoustic alarm and a memory function for automatic re-start after power failure. Optical and acoustic alert in case of malfunction.
– magnetic drive
– lowest running noise
– extremely durable
- silent run
- safe and quick tray fixation by fixing lever
The shaking speed is set by up and down keys. A LED indicates the actual value.
Mode of shaking Orbital, d 25 mm
Shaking speed 40 to 350 rpm
Accuracy max. ±5% of final value
Max. load 20 kg
Drive mechanism Magnetic, triple eccentric drive
Numerous Accessories/Clamping systems are available from Sartorius
Dimensions W + H + D = 480 + 180 + 520 mm
PDF Manual
DOM 2006
Serial# 02067


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