Sartorius 3-branch Manifold, 500 mL funnel capacity

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Sartorius 3-branch Manifold, 500 mL funnel capacity
Model 16828
Traditional multi-branch manifolds for microbial enumeration. The manifolds have been designed specifically for applications in which the particles or microorganisms retained on the membrane filter surface are of interest. The stainless steel frit filter support ensures a uniform distribution of the residues during the microbiological analysis. Special closure clamps simplify the addition or removal of the funnels adding to the ease
Due to the stainless steel taps on the manifold ports the vacuum for each holder can be turned on and off individually.
Filter Holder Fixed
Diameter 47 mm / 50 mm
Max. operating pressure 2 bar
Number of Filter Holders 3
New filter holders available from Sartorius
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