Sanyo MIR152 Cooled Incubator

Sanyo MIR152 Cooled Incubator
SANYO’s MIR series incubators have been recognized as exceptional units suitable for a wide range of applications by accommodating a temperature range of from –10°C to 50°C.
These incubators control the heater and compressor within a precise ±0.2 deg. In addition, they can be applied to a wide variety of experimentation patterns with the aid of a
3-step microcomputer program. These cooled incubators are designed to meet a variety of advanced experimental needs ranging from microorganism cultures and plant
germinationtests to various constant temperature experiments.
Microprocessor Control with Feedforward Function
SANYO Cooled Incubators incorporate a high precision microprocessor temperature control combined with a heater PID and compressor ON-OFF system. This system has a feedforward
function that inputs the operating conditions of the compressor beforehand, ensuring accurate temperature control of the chamber. In a wide temperature range of from –10°C to
50°C, the heater PID exhibits temperature fluctuation of only ±0.2 degrees, and the Compressor ON-OFF controls only ±1 degree. In addition, the fluctuation of temperature
uniformity in the chamber is within ±0.5 degrees, allowing a full range of precise experimentation from microorganism cultures to various types of incubation.
Energy Savings
Because heater output and compressor on/off are microprocessor controlled, optimum automatic operation according to ambient temperature and fluctuation of chamber load is
possible, resulting in a high-energy savings.
CFC-free Foamed-in-place Rigid Polyurethane Insulator
Triple-pane Glass Observation Window plus 15W Fluorescent Lamp
Automatic Setting Temperature Alarm
Independent Over-temperature Protection Device
Programmed Memory Backup Mechanism
Automatic Return Buzzer Switch
Key Lock Switch
Auto Return Mechanism
Trouble Monitor (Self Diagnostic Function)
Exterior dimensions 700(W) x 580(D) x 1018(H)mm
Interior dimensions 620(W) x 386(D) x 555(H)mm
Effective capacity 126L

Serial# 40301220
PDF Manual Available
This unit has one access port on left side as per images and a dent on rear left edge as per close up image


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