SANYO Laboratory Convection Oven MOV-212F Dry Heat Sterilizer


SANYO Laboratory Convection Oven MOV-212F
Dry Heat Sterilizer

With User Manual

Accurate, High-Temperature Equipment for the New Generation of Scientific Research.

Chemistry Fiber Technology Ceramics
Measurement of residual matter & moisuture level Heat resistance tests Baking Bonding/hardening/softening test - Thermal denaturation tests.

Medicines Foods
Drying test - Measurement of moisture levels - Heat resistance tests - Tests of durability - Drying

Medical Science
Drying equipment and samples

Agriculture Soil Science Water Analysis
Measurement of moisture levels, protein mass, or residual matter SS test.

Construction Industry / Building Materials
Heat resistance tests - Analysis of new materals - Drying tests.

CE rated.
Interior sizes: 450 x 450 x 450 mm. Effective capacity = 150 litres
Exterior finish: baked arcilyc finish on galavanized steel
Interior finish: Stainless-steel (SUS-304)
Reinforced triple glass wondow in L/H opening door.
3 adjustable stainless steel shelves.

Heating system: forced air circulation system.

  • Manufacturer                     Sanyo
  • Model                                  MOV-212F
  • Serial Number                  40811264
  • Capacity Size                    150
  • Temperature Range        40-250 DEG C
  • Manual Available              YES
  • Estimated Shipping Weight    66 KGSLength    595 MM
  • Length    595 MM
  • Width    580 MM
  • Height    820 MMVoltage                
  • 230 VOLTS
  • Frequency  50 HERTZ
  • Watts 1230



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