RS Components 1500 W Silicone Side Drum Heater Tank Heater


RS Components 1500 W Silicone Side Drum Heater Tank Heater,

Thermostat Included,  240 V ac

    RS Stock No. 615-1609
    Brand RS

Silicone Side Drum Heater & Controller

The silicone side drum heater is a simple and effective method of applying heat to 200 litre size metal drums. It has a higher watt density than the heater jacket type and multiple units up to a maximum of three can be used to give quicker warm up times and higher product temperatures. The silicone side drum heaters are specifically designed for the melting or reducing the viscosity of soaps, fats, varnishes and oil based type of products.

PTFE coated element sandwiched between multiple of silicone coated glass fabric
Added safety via double insulated construction (Class II)
Silicone rubber insulated
Black ABS enclosing thermostat body and all electrical connections
Built-in 20 to 120°C adjustable thermostat
1mm2 twin core rubber insulated conductors - Neoprene sheathed
Quick and easy spring and clip attachment to the drum
Good surface contact with the drum
High temperature tolerance

  •     Immersed Length    200mm
  •     Power Rating    1500 W
  •     Supply Voltage    220 ? 240 V ac
  •     Tank Heater Type    Silicone Side Drum Heater
  •     Thermostat Included    Yes

Serial# 31322

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