Rank Brothers Digital Model 10 Oxygen Measurement Controller

Rank Brothers Digital Model 10 Oxygen Measurement Controller
The Model 10 is designed as an integrated unit to make oxygen measurements. The standard version includes an electronic magnetic stirrer and the electronics to supply the polarising voltage, signal amplification and digital display of percentage saturation. The only additional requirement is a supply of constant temperature water to the incubation chamber to ensure accurate readings.
Digital Model 10
Located on the front panel are controls to:
•Operate and adjust the stirring speed.
•Set the polarising voltage between 0-1V.
•Zero the electronics and electrode output.
•Calibrate the electrode.
At the rear a socket provides a 0-1V output suitable for a data logger, chart recorder or other device.
A range of oxygen electrodes is available to meet the needs of different applications.
Technical Data
Resolution:0.1% saturation.
Polarising Voltage:0-1V.
Recorder Output:0-1V via BNC connector.
Stirrer:120-1200 rpm.
Power Supply:110/120V or 220/240V AC; power cord supplied.
Size:230mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 200mm (h).
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Serial# 0810


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