Raman Spectrometer QE-Pro 785nm from Ocean Optics Inc


Raman Spectrometer QE-Pro 785nm from Ocean Optics Inc

Raman Spectroscopy

Manual and Software and software key

Calibrated to August 2016

This instrument was NEW in November 2014, and used only for a single experiment

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful technique that provides information about
vibrational and rotational transitions in molecules that can be used for
detailed chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids, and gases.
This fast and non-destructive measurement technique
can be applied to a wide range of applications including fundamental research,
routine process control and materials identification.

The QE Pro is a spectrometer with high sensitivity and low stray light performance.
It is ideal for a wide range of low light level applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing and Raman analysis.
It is Configured for Raman Spectroscopy work at 785nm.

Advantages of the QE Pro:
•Buffering full spectrum kinetics measurements
•Higher sensitivity
•Replaceable slit design
•Thermal stability
•High quantum efficiency detector
•TE-cooled detector

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